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Fashion Edition 2013: Teresa Giarcovich from estudio lluvia on Vimeo.

Silueta del Sur/ South silhouette Capsule collection made for the fashion Edition Buenos Aires. I made a selection of fabrics that had been wet by flood deposits in Belgrano. (a neighborhood of the low and floodable areas of the city where I live) during the days of the flood last year. I chose to work with synthetic fabrics of high percentages of polyester, lycra and also incorporating raffia. I was interested in the stains - water marks. So I pre-wash fabrics, that were permanently stained by water. Sections of the fabric had been colored in ocher and other still retained their original color. The dealer at the fabric store don’t want to sell me the fabrics, he wanted to throw them away. It made me think of the trash, the discarding. So I used as reference molds different kinds of plastic bags that are commonly used to throw the garbage, adding the shadow of the tree leaves printed on polyester fabric. b.jpg